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Savio Pond & Pondless Kits Category

Savio Pond Packages
Professional Grade Equipment, Full Size Ponds, Low Maintenance

These are the true Savio kits, with all equipment supplied by Savio Engineering!

Savio Pond Packages™ include everything you need to build a full size pond with professional results. Best-selling Savio filtration components and designs assure low maintenance and a healthy ecosystem. You can't beat the simplicity of installation.

Savio Pond Packages

Item Max Gallons
550 gallons
Savio Pond Kit 8 x 11' x 1.5' (MPN PP 800)
$1,640.00 $984.00 | 2,547 Points
800 gallons
Savio Pond Kit 11' x 16' x 1.5' (MPN PP 1500)
$2,730.00 $1,638.00 | 4,200 Points
1500 gallons
Savio Pond Kit 16' x 21' x 1.5' (MPN PP 3000)
$3,750.00 $2,250.00 | 5,000 Points
3000 gallons
Savio Pond Free Waterfall Packages

Vanishing waterfalls and streams are the hot new-must have backyard accessory. Now using the latest technology you can enjoy the sounds of a lively water feature with less maintenance. Savio has applied its advanced design principles to two extremely durable, easy to install kits. Kit includes professional quality components and their new nearly indestructible Waterfall Well component. Products provide everything necessary to build a dynamic waterfall or stream-scape environment except the rocks and plants.

Savio Pond Free Waterfall Packages

Item Weir Size Water Master Clear 45 mil. EPDM Liner Underlayment Kink Free Hose Liner
2220 gph Pump
10 ' x 15'
10' x 15'
2" x 15'
3' x 4'
3960 gph Pump
10' x 20'
10' x 20'
2" x 20'
4' x 5'
Savio Pond Free Waterfall Well

Create Beautiful Disappearing Waterfalls and Streams Without the Need for a Pond

Enjoy the sounds of a lively water feature with less maintenance. Waterfall Wells simplify construction of dramatic vanishing waterfalls and endless streams. Patent pending design protects your pump from the crushing forces of rock and water with a structurally tough injection-molded housing. Durable snap-fit enclosure is easy to assemble and contains no moving parts. Multiple uses for irrigation, drainage and lift-pump applications. Handles flow up to 15,000 GPH.

5 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Savio Pond Free Waterfall Well

Savio Waterfall Well (MPN WW1000)
$250.00 $150.00 | 380 Points
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