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Aqua Meds Medi-Koi Medicated Fish Food

Aqua Meds Medi-Koi Medicated Fish Food
Aqua Meds Medi-Koi Medicated Fish Food

Medi-Koi Medicated Fish Food

  • Can't find antibiotics? Uncomfortable giving injections? Can't catch your fish? Medi- Koi is the next best treatment for tough fungal and bacterial infections.
  • Medi-Koi contains three powerful antibiotics that are milled into the feed, not top dressed like some other mediated foods, where the medications are quickly lost in the water and become useless.
  • Medi-Koi is loaded with Krill Meal, which fish love. Krill actually stimulates your sick fish's appetite so your fish receive the medications they need to recover.
  • Medi-Koi is a custom made, sinking pellet that brings the medication to the bottom of your pond where your sick fish tend to stay.
  • Medi-Koi contains two pellet sizes, to satisfy the small & large fish in your pond

Medi-Koi can be fed to your new fish for 10 -14 days after you receive them. It will help them to fight off any bacterial attack they might suffer from being stressed from shipping.

Feed twice a day for 10 to 14 days. No other food.

Attention: Do not feed Medi-Koi to fish intended for human consumption.

Aqua Meds Medi-Koi Medicated Fish Food

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