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Biosafe GreenCleanFX

Biosafe GreenCleanFX
Biosafe GreenCleanFX

It is a 'green" alternative to harsh chlorine and copper chemicals.

GreenCleanFX Liquid Algaecide is a highly effective and affordable solution to algae problems that plague a wide variety of backyard water features, including ornamental ponds, pondless waterfalls, and fountains.

    Benefits include:

  • Cost effective
  • Prevention and control of string algae and single-cell algae (Pea Soup)
  • Reduces organic build-up and noxious odors including hydrogen sulfide
  • To suppress, control and prevent algae in:

  • Water Gardens
  • Fish Ponds
  • Ornamental Pools/Ponds
  • Ornamental Waterfalls
  • Fountains

GreenCleanFX Liquid Algaecide is a fish, pet and family friendly.

Treatment Per
50 gal.
500 gal.
Preventable 1 tsp.
1.7 ounces
Curative 2 tsp.
3.4 ounces

Biosafe GreenCleanFX

Item Size
17 oz
33 oz
1 gallon
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